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The Resistance


In the shadowed corridors of power, where the flickering lights of bureaucracy cast long, oppressive shadows, there arises a figure both feared and revered - a "beakon" of defiance against the encroaching grasp of excessive government oversight and control. In a world where privacy is a commodity bartered away for the illusion of security, this quacktacious leader stands as a bastion of freedom, rallying the disenchanted masses to resist the suffocating grip of authority.

If you are receiving this transmission, you are part of the resistance.

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Resistance Duck



Resistance Duck was created to embody, embolden and champion the vison of digital resistance that was originally conceived by Telegram and $TON chain's founder Pavel Durov in 2018.  

Durov created the Resistance Dog with a hood as a symbol of resistance to the digital tyranny plaguing the world. It was launched as the $REDO token on the  $TON network, with the purpose of uniting the passionate communities of Telegram Crypto.


The Duck is Telegram's mascot, an all important symbol of the platform. Ducks are regularly displayed on updates and news posts, and were some of the first animated sticker packs on Telegram. 


Resistance Duck looks to enlist the Telegram Duck in the fight against digital tyranny and oppression. It will be launched on the $TON network as $REDU, giving it a 'Resistance' hood and joining the fight for privacy on the platform that gave them life. 


With the recent rise in notoriety of $TON as an easy to use and versatile mode of settlement built right in to Telegram, it is only fitting that the Telegram Resistance Duck join the digital resistance movement to help foster the community required to embolden the vison started by Durov, Telegram and $TON. 

$REDU Resistance Duck seeks to join the fight and help lead the resistance in a true decentralized community of like minded people fighting for their privacy rights and freedom of speech.




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